Jefferey M. Sellers

Department of Political Science
University of Southern California



Jefferey M. Sellers researches urban, environmental and social policies and their politics around the world. His
research agenda centers around comparative analysis of institutions and state society relations from the "bottom-up"
perspective of cities and communities. Initially focused on Europe and North America, this agenda is now global in
scope. One current project undertakes the first systematic multilevel comparison of local linkages between state
and society in democracies across the developed and developing worlds. A second project has produced a phased
research program on metropolitan politics and governance that recently generated a third volume of findings, and
represents the largest international initiative on the subject to date. A third project pioneers in the application of
remote sensing to compare trajectories of urbanization in China, India and other developing countries.
Other recent papers have analyzed methods for comparative subnational analysis, the effects of globalization on the
identity of citizens, and the politics of disadvantaged neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

He has authored or edited six books, and published 48 articles or chapters in such journals as Environment and
Planning C
, the European Journal of Political Research, Governance, the International Journal of
Urban and Regional
, the Journal of Urban Affairs, Landscape and Urban Planning, the Law and Society Review, the
Urban Affairs Review, the Yale Law Journal, and in numerous edited volumes. His
research has been supported
by the James Bryant Conant Fellowship, the Social Science Research Council, the French Ministry of Research, the
French National Center for Scientific Research, the German Academic Exchange Service, United Cities and Local
Governments, the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research, and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Collaboration is essential to developing a global perspective based on local knowledge of politics and policy,
and he has organized some of the leading research collaborations in the field. He is co-founder and co-coordinator
of the International Metropolitan Observatory project, has brought together Chinese and Indian
researchers in the Asia-Pacific Urban Environmental Governance study, and was a lead researcher in the First World
Report on Decentralization and Local Democracy
, which compiled the first systematic global dataset of local
government indicators. At the University of Southern California Professor Sellers is Associate Professor in the
Department of Political Science and the Program in Environmental Studies at the Dornsife College
of Letters, Arts and Sciences, with a courtesy appointment in the Sol Price School of Public Policy. His courses
include Comparative Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Urban Political Problems, European Politics,
Environmental Law and Policy, Institutions and Politics, Cities and Regions in World Politics, and Environmental