Jefferey M. Sellers, Department of Political Science



Multilevel Local Linkages Project

Any democratic nation-state must resolve two fundamental problems. It must devise institutions to govern at the local scale
within a wider territorial state, and it must link both local governance and citizens to decision-making at the national scale. How
a country addresses these problems is critical to the quality of its democracy. This project compares the infrastructures of
governmental and civic organizations tthat mediate and set the terms for these linkages across the developed world and beyond.
We are especially interested in how different institutional infrastructures of multilevel local linkages have emerged and developed,
and their consequences for the performance of policy and the operation of democracy. The project draws on the first systematic
international comparative database of indicators for local governance institutions, which now encompasses 43 countries.

"The Making of Multilevel Democracy: Local Linkages and Civil Society in the Development of the Modern State"
(forthcoming 2018, Cambridge University Press) (co-authored with Anders Lidström and Yooil Bae).

"Urban Governance and Institutions in the Developing and Developed Worlds: Toward a Comparative Historical Perspective", Croatian and Comparative Public Administration 16(3): 459-478 (2016).

"Trois modèles de gouvernance multiniveau au-delà du clivage état-société", Téléscope, 19(1): 62 - 84 (2013)
(Link to English translation).

"Decentralization, Local Government and the Welfare State", Governance 20 (4): 609-632 (2007).

"Comparing Local Governance Systems in Developed Democracies" (2006) (working paper with 21-country dataset
for 1995, with detailed explanations and sources for country codings).












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